How to choose reliable led floodlight ?

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Update time : 2016-08-18 20:03:58
Nowadays , the led floodlight is very widely used worldwide,  very suitable for civil use :  outside of building , park ,  park lot ,  resident community,square .... The output of led floodlight on market is very big . Many overseas customers are confused when want to buy floodlight from China but see the same looking floodlight everywhere but very different , varous of prices .  
How to choose a reliable one ?

The most important is the driver .  It  decides the relibility and lifetime of the led floodlight .  BUT , Driver is inside .  Cutomers always can not see and check it .  How to do ? 

1.   See the R&D ability of the floodlight factory . 
Our advantage is that we have strong R&D ability and good technology .  All the drivers are designed and produced by ourselves .  Our engineers are with over 15 years'  experiences in AC power supply design . 

2.   See the bare driver provided by the floodlight factory .
See the PCB size , circuit design , brands of the electronic components,
especially the KEY components , for example : the electrolytic capacitor ,transformer, mos transistor,   and see the soldering quality of the PCB. 

As for us , we only use First-class brands for the key components , and leave enough spare on each parameters like voltage resistance ,  capacity,
lifetime etc , to make sure the driver can performance well even in some extremely bad working conditions. 

Our drivers (senior version ) are with short-circuit protection,  over-voltage protection,  over-current protection,  over-temperature protection. 

You can also show us the bare driver of your other supplier and our professional engineer can tell  its quality level at sight. 

 3. Test by professional devices .   Test the efficiency ,  PF , THD, Hi-pot , Lightning surge.

Our driver (>=50W) are all with >90% efficieny , PF 0.95,   THD <15% ,   Hi-pot  resist 2000V,   Lightning surge resist at least 3KV (differential - mode),6KV ( common-mode). 

Our factory PENEL own lots of professional test devices ------Pls check the pictures & description in the page "Advanced Test Devices & Production Machines" ( )

Hi-pot tester :  to test the insulation of the driver and the whole lamp .

Full set of EMC/ EMI test devices :  to test the EMC (electromagnetic
compatibility) of our driver and whole lamp.  Though we have CE certificate for all of our products,  we use devices to control  each batch of our actual production. 

Lightning surge generator : can imitate the lightning happens and generate surge voltage .  

4.   If customer don't care the cost ,   choosing famous brand like Meanwell drivers , are absolutely the easiest way to control the driver quality and to save trouble . ^_^ 

After making sure the driver ,  we must make sure the light source ---usually COB led chip . 

How to control the quality ?   Of course , choose a reliable COB chip supplier can save Lots of trouble ,  which is the easist way to control. 

We only work with big supplier on led chips .  Before , we have been working with Guangzhou Hongli for 2-3 years , and now , we work with Lepower in Shenzhen , which has just become listed company in August.  They're very professional in the package of COB leds. 

We use Epistar or Bridgelux chips .  All COB leds passed LM-80 (lumen decay) test . 

Our COB led floodlight is up to 100 lm/w , and led streetlight is up to 122 lm/w ,  high bay / tri proof light are around 105-115 lm/w . 

Of course , we also own the test device (Integrating sphere)to test Lumen, CRI , color temperature etc . 

Thirdly ,
You should check the aluminum housing of led floodlight . 

Aluminum Housing is the heat-sink of the led chip . Heat dissipation of the chip absolutely decides the lifespan of the chip . 

Nowadays , there are too many same looking housing on market but with very different prices.  Why ?  There are thick version,  thin version .  Same looking but different weight , and different material ( different pure rate for aluminum) .    Of course we always only choose thick version housing .  
For example , for our Old classic series floodlight :

If the housing is too thin ,  the bad result is not only shorter lifetime of the chip caused by bad heat-dissipation , but also will have problem on waterproof :  too thin ,easy to be broken where fixing screws,  and easy to be distorted so can not make sure fully sealed , water may go inside . 

Besides , for all the screws , we use stainless steel .  

And we own the "Slat water spray testing machine“ ,to test the corrosion resistance of the housing .
And we did the waterproof test machine , to test the waterproof of each lamp. (Pls check the pictures & description in the page "Advanced Test Devices & Production Machines".)

Of course , the same principle :  if choose a good reliable supplier , can save lots of trouble . ^_^.   See our NS01 series of floodlight ,  whose housing are supplied by PC Cooler , a famous and professional housing supplier in Shenzhen . 

Forthly ,
You should check the assembly technology of your led floodlight supplier . 
You know,  no matter how good quality the parts , it can not be a good finished lamp if badly assembled .  Just like cooking:  no matter how good meat /vegetables,  if with a bad cooker, you can not get a good meal . 
We PENEL are the very professional "cooker"  you can trust . ^_^  .  

Let's share 2 details which are small but important :

1. On the housing , before putting the COB led ,we will polish the place where to put the led .  This is to remove the paints .  You know the paints will affect the heat-conduction from the COB led to the housing. 

2.  Perfect way to spread the thermal-conductive grease .        
 We use special tools to make sure the grease (paste) very uniformly on the contact surface of led & housing . 

When the COB led is put on the housing , the grease (paste) will be spread very uniformly on the contact surface , so the heat can be conducted very well.    

P.S.:  from 20-50W,the coefficient of the thermal-conductive grease we use , is at least 4.7

Besides all above mentioned tests,  our Other tests :  for Each of our floodlight , we will do 12hours aging test , and earth connection test , and some will do vibration test , and waterproof test , corrision-proof test .
(Pls check the pictures & description in the page "Advanced Test Devices & Production Machines".)

Finally ,
10 years'  Exporting experiences , 5 years' Manufacturering experiences  , about 4X 40HQ each month output in average ,   for floodlight , we PENEL deserve you to choose !  ^_^