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Newly Infrastructure Reconstruction Drives Market Demand, 2024 Smart Street Lights Market Scale Reaches USD 1.1 Billion

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Update time : 2020-08-12 15:16:11

TrendForce’s latest 2020 Global LED Lighting Market Report- Light LED and LED Lighting Market Trend shows that, by 2024, the global LED smart street light market scale will expect to reach US$ 1.1 billion with CAGR of 8.2% during 2019-2024. (smart street market scale, only including lamp luminaire and single lighting control system.)

TrendForce analyst Christine Liu indicates that downstream LED lighting demand is highly related to macroeconomic development. Although there exist many uncertainties under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, governments around the world have implemented fiscal stimulus and started new smart city construction to invest in new infrastructure construction to spur economy, especially in China and North America. Roadway and street construction are one of the biggest investment spending categories, for instance, the total road construction spending of the U.S. government in 2019 was US$ 97.6 billion (+6.34%YoY), which will favor outdoor lighting like LED street light. For nearly 2 years, LED lighting manufacturers including Signify, AcuityBrands, Zumtobel, Leotek (a lighting brand under Lite-On Group) and Unilumin have been continuously launching new outdoor smart lighting products and integrated solutions, which will accelerate the penetration of the smart street lighting market.

From the perspective of the construction cost of smart street light projects, TrendForce indicate that , generally speaking, smart light poles mainly contains 6 core functions: 1) intelligent lighting, 2) information dissemination, 3)security surveillance monitoring,4)environmental detection, 5) charging station, 6)5G micro station platform.

Among its functional accessories, smart lighting equipment, including LED modular design lamp head and single light controller, is a 100% standard product. According to TrendForce’s investigation, the average market price of the highest equipped (selective assembly) smart light poles is US$6,997.9, of which smart lighting equipment is US$182.5, accounting for 2.6%.

Smart Street Pole Construction Cost Analysis

Source: TrendForce, Aug. 2020

In fact, China is the main driver of the global smart street light development around the world. However, but such large-scale municipal engineering projects are more complicated in the domestic market, involving multiple interest groups. And without clear and unified standards, the implementation of the project is actual slow. In addition, under the framework of smart city construction, the smart street lighting project involves the Internet of Things and communications. Therefore, governments tend to give this bid to enterprises with concentrated resources and powerful strength. It is inevitable to adopt multi-party cooperation in the construction and replacement of urban street lighting project. As far as LED lighting manufacturers are concerned, to complete smart street light project, they had better to rely on strong communications companies. It is observed that in the future China’s smart street light projects will be led by companies with strong resource integration capabilities such as Huawei and Tencent.

TrendForce believes that the further the smart street light goes to the downstream industrial chain, the greater its added value will be. LED lighting manufacturers should strengthen the system service ability based on their existing advantages, broaden the integration strength of LED lighting products, and improve their own comprehensive service level, so as to enter the supply system. At the same time, the government needs to clarify the standards for smart street lighting and do comprehensive design in smart city planning to provide a reliable basis for the development of the LED smart street light industry.