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As a modern factory , we own complete advanced test devices and automatic machines , to make sure both of the quality and efficiency . 

Test Devices:
No.1: EMC/EMI Test Receiver

EMC/ EMI full set of test devices , to test the products to confirm if can pass EMC ( Electro Magnetic Compatibility) .

No.2 : Lightning Surge Generator

To test the surge protection level of the product . 

No. 3 : Multiplex Temperature Tester

To test the temperature changes on all necessary spots , like : at the housing edge , on back of housing where the contact surface with PCB ,  on the PCB , at the pin of the chips , to evulate the heat dissipation of the product . 

No.4 : Optical test (to test IES )

No. 5 : Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber

This device can test the performance of our led lights working in a constant environment with temperature from -50℃ - 150℃  .

No. 6: Waterproof Test 

No. 7 : 12 Hours Aging Test

No. 8 :  Corrosion tester ( Salt Spray Tester)

Salt water spray testing machine, to test the corrosion-proof of the outdoor led lights . Usually if pass 72 hours test will mean the light can resist rusty at seaside for 3 years . 

No. 9 :  Vibration tester 

To test if the packing is reliable enough to resist 10-12 hours vibration .

Production Machines :
No.1: Automatic Screw machine :

No.2:  Automatic glue machine :

No.3: Automatic SMT machine :

No.4 : Automatic packing machine :