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100-2000watt LED Sports Light

500W High performance LED Sports light LED Flood light LED Stadium light

Item No.: FL-500W-NS07L
It's a wonderful light for tennis/soccer/basketball/baseball /rugby /golf field lighting, up to 150lm/w,with 30/45/60/90/120*50 beam angle , with high illumination , perfect uniformity, low glare , with high quality PC lens cover or tempered glass cover
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Specifications :
●Product Type: High power Modular led Flood light , led Sports light , LED Stadium light
● Power : 500Watt 
● Light source :
  512pcs of SMD3030 Cree brand chips if with Glass cover 
  230pcs of SMD5050 Epistar chips if with PC Lens cover 
● Color Temperature: 3000K,4000K, 5000K, 5700K ,6500K 
●  CRI :>70 or >80 or >90
●  Luminous Efficiency :  140-150 lm/w 
●  Beam angle :  5 options (30 ,45, 60, 90 ,120*50 degrees) 
●  Driver :  2pcs of Meanwell driver (Model:XLG-240)
●  Input :100-305VAC
●  Surge protection; 4kV line-line, 6kV line-earth
●  IP rating : IP66
●  Housing: Corrosion resistant pure die-cast aluminum
●  Each module can be adjustable 
●  Lifespan : > 50,000 hours

Why choose us:

A. You can get maximum “Customer acceptance”.
Top quality raw material, use CREE Chip LED source and MEANWELL professional driver. 


B. Maximize your “competitive advantage”.
This one is our private and unique model, so there is not many competitors in your market. And it will give you a greater profit margins.


C. You can get a large customers base.
It can be used widely for varieties of application, such as stadium , tennis court , soccer court , basketball court , rugby field, baseball field , warehouse , tunnel , park , garden, etc.


D. Super flexible structure provides the possibility of DIY = reduce your stock pressure
When you placing order, you can just order 250W/module or 500W/ module, together with full set of brackets & accessories for assembling. Then you can assemble 2-3-4 modules by yourself. Simply replace the brackets and side-frames accordingly, and use connector to connect the input cables of drivers.


E. Perfect Quality Control & excellent after-sales service
There is a set of completed QC process, including IQC, IPQC & FQC in our factory. There are special person in charge of inspection for raw material, in-process goods and finished goods.
Before shipment, we will make a series of testing to guarantee the quality of all our products. During the warranty period, if there is any issue, we will replace them for you for free.
Also, we have a professional technical team. We can give you professional support for any of your problem.